This is a new series of kits that we started in 2003. They are of similar construction to our current range of LMS & LNWR kits but with one or two new tab and slot techniques. These coaches have a new roof profile from anything else that we do. The list below indicates the kits available, along with what we intend doing as well as release dates where known. These kits are available both in the original square window format and the later radiused window versions where indicated *.

Available Coach Kits
Kit No Description Price
SL7201 D345* Corridor Brake Composite 157.75
SL7202 D331 Corridor Brake Third (3 Compartment) 157.75
SL7203 D329* Corridor Third 157.75
SL7204 D328* Corridor Composite 157.75
SL7205 D346* Corridor Brake Third (4 Compartment) 157.75
SL7206 D332* Corridor First 157.75
SL7207 D344* Corridor Luggage Brake 134.70
SL7208 D340* Brake Third (4 Compartment) 157.75
SL7209 D338* Semi Corridor Lavatory Composite 157.75
SL7210 D350 Corridor Third Open 157.75
SL7211 D351 Corridor First Open 157.75
SL7212 D353 Kitchen Car 163.80
SL7213 D354 Restaurant First with Kitchen 163.80
SL7214 D355 Restaurant Pantry Third 157.75
SL7215 D339* Third 157.75
SL7216 D360 Brake Composite 157.75
SL7217 D361 Brake Third (5 Compartment) 157.75
SL7218 D341 First 157.75

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