Specification for 7mm LMS/LNWR Coach Kits

The body and underframe are etched in 16 thou brass and the roof is an aluminium extrusion. Lost wax brass castings are provided where possible throughout the kits - the exceptions being the bogie sideframes, gas tanks and chairs (white metal); buffer heads and couplings (nickel silver). The bogies are etched in 18 thou brass and have full brake roding, which can be built in either a rigid or a compensated form. Other components included, where appropriate, are corridor connections, couplings, seating and glazing plus the requisite amounts of nuts, bolts, wire and plasticard - you only require wheels and rainstrip, which we can supply separately. The ideal construction method is to solder the body and underframe and glue the roof into position.

Available Coach Kits
Kit No Drawing No Description Price
SL7001D1704Corridor Brake Composite (Period I)157.00
SL7002D1716Corridor Composite (Period I)157.00
SL7003D1782Corridor Third (Period I) 157.00
SL7004D1707Semi-open First (Period I) 157.00
SL7005D1706Unclassified Open (Later Third)(Period I)157.00
SL7006D1778Full Brake (Period I) 130.40
SL7007D1693Open Brake Third (Period I) 157.00
SL7008D1697Kitchen Car (Period I) 141.25
SL7009D1741Lounge Brake (Period I) 157.00
SL7010D1685Lavataory Non-corridor Brake Third (Period I)157.00
SL7011D1686Lavatory Non-corridor Composite (Period I)157.00
SL7012D2007Full Brake (Period III) 130.40
SL7013D1694Corridor Composite (Period I)157.00
SL7014D1696Corridor Brake Third (Period I)157.00
SL7015D2161Corridor Brake Third (Porthole)157.00
SL7016D2159Corridor Composite (Porthole)157.00
SL7017D2170Corridor Third (Porthole) 157.00
SL7018D1720ACorridor Brake Composite (Period III)157.00
SL7019D1925Corridor Composite (Period III)157.00
SL7020D1899Corridor Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7021D2046District Engineers Saloon 163.65
SL7022D1905Corridor Brake Third (Period III)157.00
SL7023D1904Open Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7024D1916Open Brake Third (Period III)157.00
SL7025D1948Buffet Car (Period III) 186.20
SL7026D1735/1790Brake Third/Driving Trailer (Period II)163.65
SL7027D1717Corridor Brake First (Period I)157.00
SL7028D1748Corridor First (Period I) 157.00
SL7029D1700Third (Period I) 157.00
SL7030D1701Composite (Period I) 157.00
SL7031D1703Brake Third (Period I) 157.00
SL7032D193868' Composite Dining Car (Period III)163.65
SL7033D1721/2/8/95Open First or Third (Period II)157.00
SL7034D1720Corridor Brake Composite (Period II)157.00
SL7035D1654Corridor Brake First (Period I)157.00
SL7036D1692/9Open Third (Period I) 157.00
SL7037D1695Corridor Third (Period I) 157.00
SL7038D190265'Open First - Dining (Period III) 157.00
SL7039D1910Corridor Brake First (Period III) 157.00
SL7040D1930Corridor First (Period III) 157.00
SL7041D1912Kitchen Car (Period III) 141.25
SL7042D1903Open Compsite (Period III) 157.00
SL7043D191760' Open First (Period III) 157.00
SL7044D216060' Open First (Porthole) 157.00
SL7045D185768' First Class Dining Car (Period III) 163.65
SL7046D190068' First Class Dining Car (Period III) 163.65
SL7047D192368' Third Class Dining Car (Period III) 163.65
SL7048D196857' Corridor Brake Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7049D212157' Corridor First (Period III) 157.00
SL7050D216257' Corridor First (Porthole) 157.00
SL7051D186365' Third Class Sleeping Car (Period III) 157.00
SL7052D1734Composite (Period II) 157.00
SL7053D1964Brake Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7054D1921Composite (Period III) 157.00
SL7055D1906Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7056D1997First (Period III) 157.00
SL7057D2122Driving Trailer (Period III) 157.00
SL7058D2100Full Brake (Period III) 130.40
SL7059D1719Semi -open First (Period II) 157.00
SL7060D181068' First Class Dining Car (Period II) 163.65
SL7061D2119Corridor Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7062D1932Corridor Brake Composite (Period III) 157.00
SL7063D1702First (Period I) 157.00
SL7064D2000Full Brake (Period III) Stove R 95.40
SL7065D181168' Composite Dining Car (Period II) 163.65
SL7066D1730Corridor Brake Third (Period II) 157.00
SL7067D2117Corridor Composite (Period III) 157.00
SL7068D1791Corridor Composite (Period II) 157.00
SL7069D1807Open Third (Period II) 157.00
SL7070D1999Open Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7071D1851Corridor Brake Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7072D1851Driving Corridor Brake Third (Period III) 157.00
SL7073D1758Corridor Brake Third (Period I) 157.00
SL7074D1709Third Class Sleeping Car(Period I) 157.00

Specification for 7mm LMS Coronation Scot Coach Kits

This range of kits represents the six different types of vehicles that constituted the 1937 Coronation Scot. There were nine coaches in each train made up from these six types. The specification for these kits is similar to our standard LMS kits except that they have new end detail, cast resin ducting for the roofs and cast resin seating. New couplings and table lamps. They are all from new artwork and not just a couple of the old kits re-worked.

Available Coach Kits
Kit No Drawing No Description Price
SLCS1D1961Corridor Brake First 175.00
SLCS2D1960Corridor First 175.00
SLCS3D1902Vestibule (Open) First 175.00
SLCS4D1981Vestibule (Open) Third 175.00
SLCS5D1905Corridor Brake Third 175.00
SLCS6D1912Kitchen Car 161.00

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