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Note: The quantity per pack is given in brackets.
Component Component Description Price
back to top of page Bogies LMS 9' Rivetted Bogie (2) 42.55
LMS 9' Welded Bogie (2)42.55
LMS 6 Wheel Bogie (2)43.80
LNWR 9' Bogie (2)42.55
LNWR 8' Bogie (2)42.55
LNER 8'6" Lightweight Bogie (2)43.80
LNER 8'6" Heavyweight Bogie (2)43.80
LNER 8'Heavyweight Bogie (2)43.80
back to top of page Roofs LMS Aluminium Roof Section5.75
LNWR Aluminium Roof Section5.75
LNER Aluminium Roof Section5.75
back to top of page Roof Vents LMS Torpedo Roof Vents (16)5.40
LMS Shell Roof Vents (16)5.40
LMS Domed Roof Vents (16)5.40
LNWR Torpedo Roof Vents (16)5.40
LNWR Large Torpedo Roof Vents (16)6.60
LNER Torpedo Roof Vents (16)6.60
BR Shell Roof Vents (16)5.40
back to top of page Roof Detail Flue Covers (4)2.90
LMS Tank Fillers for Period III Coaches (2)2.15
LNER Tank Fillers(2)2.30
LMS Shallow Edge Gas Lamp Tops - will suit Midland Stock (12) 6.15
LMS Deep Edge Gas Lamp Tops - will suit Midland Stock (12) 6.15
LNWR Roof deck lights (2)5.40
LMS Roof Fans (2)3.20
back to top of page Underframe LMS 57' Underframe (inc. trussing, long step boards,batt. box, bufferbeam) 25.70
LMS Dynamo and Bracket7.40
LNWR Dynamo and Bracket7.40
LNER Dynamo and Bracket10.45
LMS Regulator Box2.90
LNWR Regulator Box2.90
Vacuum Cylinders and Cranks (2 of each)8.65
LNER Vacuum Cylinders, Cranks & 'V' Hangers (2)12.00
LNWR Queen Posts for 57' Underframe (4)8.35
LNWR Queen Posts for 50' Underframe (4)8.35
Turnbuckles (4)4.00
LMS Oval Buffers and Stocks (4)11.40
LMS Round Buffers and Stocks (4)11.40
LNWR Round Buffers and Stocks (4)11.40
LNER Round Buffers and Stocks (4)13.30
LNER Round Flat Top Buffers and Stocks (4)13.30
Vacuum Pipes - Suburban L/H (2)3.50
Vacuum Pipes - Suburban R/H (2)3.50
Vacuum Pipes - Corridor Stock (2)3.50
LNWR Suburban vacuum pipes (2)4.00
LNER Suburban vacuum pipes (2)4.00
Steam Pipes (2)3.50
LNER Vacuum Tanks (2)3.60
Screw Couplings (2)6.25
LMS Battery Box2.85
LMS J Hangers, leaf spings & axle boxes (for 6 wheel underframe)19.40
back to top of page Body Detail LMS Guards Look-outs - Period I (2)6.15
LMS Guards Look-outs - Period III (2)6.15
LMS Side Lamps (2)1.85
LNWR Side Lamps (2)1.85
'T' Handles (12)4.95
LNWR Commode Handles (10)4.95
Suspended Gangway Detailing Kit (Period III)15.00
Jumper Cables (4)3.75
LNER Jumper Cables (4)4.35
Windscreen Wipers (2)3.45
LMS Corridor End Boards1.55
LMS Suburban Coach Ends Period I- Brake/Plain as req'd (2) 5.10
LMS Suburban Coach Ends Period III-Non - Brake(2) 5.10
LMS Horn Boxes (2)3.00
LMS Lamp Brackts (4)1.20
LNER Lamp Brackts (4)4.95
LNER Train Alarm 3.70
back to top of page Interior Brake Standard/Wheel4.00
Table Lamps (14)5.40
Dining Chairs (4)6.55
Plastic Seating 167mm length (6.6" approx.)1.00
Chair Ends/Table Legs (4 bays)3.60

Postage and Packing - 11.15 per kit for Post Office 'Special' delivery
& Components at cost

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